The Intersociety Digital Cinema Forum meets about once a month to discuss technical and deployment issues for Theatrical Digital Cinema deployment. They discuss DCP (Digital Cinema Package), KDM (Key Distribution Message), FLM (Facility List Management), TDL (Trusted Device List), Formatting of distribution hard disc drives, FIPS-140, DCI (Digital Cinema Initiatives), Upgrade scheduling, 3D luminance, subtitles, captions, closed captions, SMPTE specifications for digital cinema / audio and a large number of other TLA and FLA’s (three letter acronyms and four letter acronyms). About 50 people participate monthly, either in person or via conference call.

The goal of ISDCF is to provide a forum to discuss issues for the World Wide launch of Digital Cinema. They have over 250 members participating including Studios, Exhibitors, Integrators, Equipment Manufacturers, Consultants, and other committees.  Their main method of work is through meetings – held about once a month in Los Angeles / Burbank (call-in participation is encouraged).

Mission Statement

To Explore all methods of distribution of Digital Cinema Packages (DCP) and Key Delivery Messages (KDM) to theaters worldwide; to recommend technologies within each class of distribution for common acceptable solutions; and to provide information regarding these technologies to the Digital Cinema community. To provide an information exchange resource for the digital cinema roll-out.

ISDCF Meeting Notes and Information

ISDCF posts meeting notes, files, schedules in a private section of this site. (Private mainly to keep spiders and spamers at a distance. Send an email to and it will auto-respond with the password.) Email to obtain a password to private sections of the website (an auto responder will provide the password)

Reflector for the main group. You can subscribe to this discussion group at all are welcome to join.

Information Exchange

To create a moderated announcement method for critical information to theater owners, mastering houses, suppliers, and studios concerning upgrades, procedures, delivery methods that may impact delivery of digital movies to theaters.

ISDCF Leadership

Jerry Pierce, Chairman, 650-843-9949

Wade Hanniball, Vice Chairman, Universal Pictures

Susie Beiersdorf, ISDCF Secretary, Sony Electronics