Membership Application

The Bylaws of the Inter-Society identify four member classifications


This category consists only of the four founding trade organizations. No further groups may be admitted. The charter members are:

ict          MPAA[1]          nato_redGradient_dualTa#EBF          Unknown


Any reputable firm, whether corporation, partnership, trade association or other entity, engaged in any business affecting or dealing with cinema presentation, including production and exhibition may become an active Corporate member upon approval and payment of annual dues, currently set at $500 per year.


These members are treated similarly to Corporate members with respect to admission, voting, but with a reduced dues payment set at $100 per year. Individual membership is limited to those who are sole proprietors/consultants and not those who are employees of corporations eligible for corporate membership.


Applies to former members (or former employees of corporate members) who are no longer qualified for active membership, but who, may be elected to honorary membership due to past service. Overall criteria apply except an Honorary member may not vote or hold office. Honorary members pay no dues.

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